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Our beautiful weather shows the need for All Pro Sun Screens

Don’t you just love our Arizona weather? You can pretty much count on good weather for all our outdoor events.

The sunshine is great, but when you are inside your home, do you feel the heat coming through the windows? All that heat causes your air conditioner to run more and adds up to higher electric costs.

Are you looking for a solution for the skyrocketing power bills, the heat, and the sun’s blinding glare? Have you thought about installing sun screens on your windows?
There are many benefits to using sun screens. First of all, they reduce the amount of sunlight, and therefore the heat too, that makes it into your house. Less sunlight and heat helps to keep your energy bills lower and it reduces the fading by the sun on valuable items, such as fine art, flooring, and upholstery. Since the sunlight is hitting the sunscreen (or solar shade), it also stops the glare that often occurs in sunlit rooms. Before sun screens, the only way to stop the glare was to pull the curtains, close the shutters, or go to another room. With sun screens, you won’t need to do any of those things, plus you still retain your privacy. You will be able to see out the windows to enjoy your view, but others won’t be able to see what your family is doing inside your own home. You will still have a sunlit room, just without all the heat. That can really save you money!
There are additional health benefits too in using sun screens. Just as when you apply sunscreen lotions to your skin, you help to reduce the chances of skin cancer, the same is true of sun screens for your windows. By installing sun screens, you reduce the amount of UV rays that enter. This not only helps to reduce skin cancer, but also helps to minimize the sun’s effects on your body. Sun exposure can cause premature aging.
The sun screens work like the old fashion window screens to keep the bugs out and the air flowing through. They’ll still reduce the amount of debris and dust that can blow in with the breeze, but they will do a better job of it. The main difference is that sun screens reduce up to 90% of the heat that comes in through your windows. That will have a major impact on your cooling costs.
When you think of the benefits of window sun screens, you can understand the importance in installing them in your home. At All Pro Sun Screens, we use top screening materials, and offer a free home analysis and estimate. We custom design our screens for each of your windows.
From Phoenix to Scottsdale, the whole valley is discovering the importance of sun screens. The word is spreading….
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